Entrepreneurship Promotion and Business Development


In addition to offering formal academic curricula in business and management, NBE has been active in directly promoting entrepreneurship and helping the growthof young enterprises. For this purpose, NBE has been engaged in direct cooperation with and providing expertise to organizations working with entrepreneurship and business development, such as business incubators, business development centers, as well as youth entrepreneurship promotion organizations. NBE has been providing technical assistance to a large number of organizations; it has been working with business development NGOs to strengthen their capacity in selected areas; it has taken part in entrepreneurship and business development related research and policy work, as well as acted as a training provider to young entrepreneurs, business startups, and young companies. NBE has a strong network of partners from the business development community, government agencies in charge of business promotion, as well as the business sector in the country. 

As a foundation that seeks to promote entrepreneurial spirit NBE aims at being competitive in its academic and service fields, and encourages entrepreneurship initiative and competence building. Through entrepreneurship education such as training, workshops and other courses related to business startups, NBE is directly involved in reducing unemployment and encouraging development, financing of new businesses and employment of young people in Macedonia.

NBE has contributed to IBF’s introduction of IBC (Integrated Business Curriculum) course for its undergraduate students. This provides a unique opportunity for young students through running a semi – virtual company to experience the importance, the drive, and the problems real managers and entrepreneurs face every day.