Exclusive Seminar in Project Preparation and Project Management



Project Preparation and Project Management Module

Have you ever wanted to be part of the fastest growing and one of the highest paid and demanded professions in the world? Have you already been part of a project and are prepared to take the leading role in future endeavors? Have you ever wanted to make changes to your local and national community that make everyone progress? If your answer to the aforementioned topics is affirmative, then we would like to provide you with all the necessary assistance and equip you with all modern tools you need in preparing and managing projects.

Although project preparation and project management are two distinct terms, their synchronous treatment offers a wider and complete perspective on the project management topic. Project preparation underlies the process that starts from searching and gathering information for the project of interest, to carefully examining the Call for proposals, generating ideas, preparing the project proposal, preparing the budget, completing the administrative tasks, and preparing additional documents. As such it is the mechanism that sets the foundation and underlies the successfulness of project management. Project management covers the tools and mechanisms which are used in order to achieve the goals and objectives provided in the project proposal, within a particular constraint. As such, project management is goal-oriented while allowing for a high flexibility in the selection of the manner for accomplishing the goals.

We offer a synchronous treatment of these two topics, providing a blend between theoretical and practical knowledge and equipping you with all the necessary tools, so you could actively participate in both project preparation and project management once you have completed the module. This module is expected to nontrivially aid to your quest and prepare you to proceed onwards and successfully attain internationally recognized PMP certificates.

Who are we?

The Integrated Business Faculty is a private higher educational institution established in 2005. During the 16 years working experience IBF has acquired top quality professionals (including professors, lecturers, and administrative staff) with over 30 renowned professors in various fields leaving its mark on the institution and students.

IBF students are actively involved in a broad spectrum of team projects, business simulation programs, internships, and practical assignments. Such an approach enables the students to apply their diverse experience accumulated during the studies for assessment, analysis, and practical application of knowledge.

Besides the education, as a main activity, IBF has a great experience in research and project implementation, participating both, institutionally and through its staff, in a variety of projects funded from different programmes.

The New Business Education Foundation is an organization established in Skopje, North Macedonia. It has been successfully operating in the areas of business development and entrepreneurship, local and regional development, and energy efficiency both nationally and internationally for the past 20 years. As part of its portfolio, the experts who will be involved in the training module have prepared more than 100 project applications and have implemented or been involved in the implementation of projects from different programmes. As part of their activities to promote project preparation and management to different institutions and individuals, they have organized over 20 trainings on the subject.


Martin Stojanovikj, PhD – since 2012, Martin has prepared over 100 project proposals for a variety of international and domestic donor institutions, including: World Bank grants, Instrument for Pre-Accession - multiple components, Erasmus+ KA203 Strategic Partnership of HEIs, CEI Know-How Exchange Programme, European Fund for the Balkans.

Biljana Gjozinska, PhD – for a decade Biljana has been actively involved in teaching the subject “Project Management” at the postgraduate level at the Integrated Business Institute. In addition, she has been part of the management team of several international projects, most notably including: Erasmus+ KA203 Strategic Partnership of HEIs, Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA), CEI Know-How Exchange Programme.

What do we offer?

We offer you a total of 40 hours, hands-on experience in preparing projects and project management, distributed over the course of 2 weeks (10 working days). Each day will consist of 4-hour sessions, which will be structured in 2 sections: 3 hours presentation and discussion on the topics intended for the particular class, and 1-hour practical work on the topics at hand. Hence, we offer you a unique opportunity to guide and mentor you directly in order to improve your skills on every topic that will be discussed in each session. In addition, you will be provided with real project scenarios and situations, including bothfailed and successfully implemented project ideas.You will be immediately engaged in real project preparation and management tasks.

The Project Preparation and Management Module consists of 2 Modules, covering the following topics:

Outline for Module 1: Project Preparation

  1. 1.Searching for viable project opportunities.
  2. 2.Generating and ways of thinking about project ideas: covering the important basics.
  3. 3.Going through the project documents, extracting the most relevant information.
  4. 4.Project writing.
    1. a.Use of specific vocabulary.
    2. b.Discussing the writing style of each particular topic.
    3. c.Topics in the project covered: rationale, activities, objectives, expected results, target groups, stakeholders, beneficiaries, outputs, sustainability.
  5. 5.Budget preparation
    1. a.Ways of properly structuring a project budget.
    2. b.Preparing a full budget for a project proposal
  6. 6.Administrative tasks

Outline for Module 2: Project Management

  1. 1.Defining the standard project management processes for a project
  2. 2.Project integration management
  3. 3.Project scope management
  4. 4.Project time management
  5. 5.Project quality management
  6. 6.Project HR management
  7. 7.Project communications management
  8. 8.Project Risk management

Who should attend?

The only prerequisite for attending the Module is a working knowledge of English, as all the discussion and all materials provided and worked on throughout will be done in English. Basic knowledge and engagement in project preparation and management is useful, although not required, as the Module is designed to start from the basics.

Expected Results after attending the Module:

  1. 1.Developed individual ability to fully prepare a project and a budget proposal.
  2. 2.Enhanced theoretical and practical skills in project management processes and dealing with a variety of project implementation issues.
  3. 3.Equipped with knowledge to proceed and complete more easily internationally recognized project management certificates.
  4. 4.Developed practical know-how and skills, useful for any type of project.

Important information

Module 1: Project Preparation (Monday November 1st – Friday November 5th).

Module 2: Project Management (Monday November 15th – Friday November 19th).

Each day will follow this schedule: 10:00 am – 02:00 pm.

The fee for attending the Module is $600 including all additional course materials, and access to the recorded sessions. If you prefer to attend a particular Module (only Module 1 or Module 2), the fee is $400.

The Module will be conducted remotely, through Zoom, a free video conferencing application. Instructions on joining a free Zoom session are available here. Before the Module begins, you will receive an email with the meeting code and password you must use to join. Each session will be recorded. You are encouraged to join the session live but will have the opportunity to view the recorded session later in the day if you are unable to attend in the scheduled time. The video recordings will be made available within 12 hours of each session and will be accessible for 1 week after the Module is completed. You will need to supply a working email address, as all working materials will be provided to you as we proceed through the sessions.

At the end of the Module, each participant will receive a Certificate for the work undertaken, issued by Integrated Business Faculty. As such, regardless of whether you decide to join the sessions live or view the recorded version, you will be required to complete all the practical work in order to receive the Certificate. In addition to the Certificate, depending on whether you choose to attend one or both of the Modules, you will receive 2 or 4 ECTS credits respectively as part of the course “Project Management”.

Contact Information and Ways of Registering

We choose to provide quality over quantity, so we prefer working with smaller, easily manageable and fast-paced learning groups, of no more than 10 persons.

You can express your interest for participating, by registering on the following link: