New Business Education - Ново образование за бизнис

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Integrated Business Faculty (IBF)

The Integrated Business Faculty (IBF) is a higher education institution in the field of economics and business. The aim of IBF is to enable students to acquire relevant knowledge and to express their full potential in today's fast and dynamic world where only the best can be successful.

Studies at the IBF are organized in semesters. The spring semester begins on February 15th and lasts until June 30th of the current year (the courses are conducted from February 15th to May 31st and the exams from June 1st to 15th). The fall semester begins on October 1st and lasts until February 14th (the courses are conducted from October 1st to December 25th and the exams from January 1st to 15th). Each academic year lasts two semesters.

We endeavour to create the best possible conditions for our candidates to achieve successful careers, so that they will be able to hold high-responsibility jobs in society, both nationally and internationally. Our study programs offer candidates a rich foundation of knowledge qualifying them for the most demanding work on the labor market. With the undergraduate programs we assist candidates in developing their full potential through full and part-time studies and short courses.

Undergraduate studies
Undergraduate programs are based on the integrated, multidimensional approach for curricula development and implementation of interactive teaching methods. Learning by doing, internships, students’ international exchange program etc.  provide unique and valuable profile of future managers in: marketing, finance, banking, corporate finance, sustainable development and regional and local economic development.

Specialized professional studies
IBF is the first educational institution which offers specialized professional studies. This program is designed for people with three years of higher education and offers possibility for advancement of candidates in the field of business economics.

IBF offers short courses, primarily in Business English, Business written communication and Quantitative methods for Economics and Business, designed to address specific skills or knowledge in order to match candidate’s specific needs.  Courses are taught by IBF instructors and are open to all members of the community.

According to the policy of "Integrated Business Faculty" special attention and incentives is given to advanced students. Besides research and interactive content and activities for each subject from the curriculum, which in turn provide a greater number of points or higher grades, this category of students has financial incentives in the form of full or partial scholarships.

Internship program
IBF provides to its students from all academic years to have an internship in various enterprises, institutions and NGOs, upon selection by the student and recommendation of the faculty for a period of one month (internship) with no financial compensation.

The main goal is to help students to gain practical work experience during their studies and engage in the daily operations of the company as an added value (additional assistance in implementing the activities of different areas). Throughout the program, students will be assigned to a specific area and their activities and their work plan will be linked to the daily operations of the area.