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NBE part of a CIVICA Mobilitas networking event

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altMSc Martin Stojanovikj, member of New Business Education Foundation (NBE) was part of a two-day networking event that took place in hotel Drim, Struga, encompassing a network of more than 20 CSO's from the entire territory of Macedonia. This was the last networking meeting that was organized by CIRa, as part of the CIVICA Mobilitas program. 

The event began on the 21st March, with a debate on the "Current Conditions and Challenges for the Development of the CSO Sector in Macedonia", in which the participants shared their views on the current issues affecting the CSO's. In the afternoon session and the two sessions the following day, three workshops were organized on themes ranging from the "Effect of CIVICA Mobilitas on the CSO sector" to "Determining the Appropriate Vision for Sustainable Growth of the CSO sector in Macedonia". 

The participants were CSO members which were the recepients of institutional, project and ad-hoc grants, all part of the CIVICA program. New Business Education Foundation has been awarded with a project grant entitled "Energy Efficient Local Self-Government", which was succesfully implemented in the 2013/2014 year.