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Introduction to regional development and regional management” and “Strategic planning process

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With the support of GIZ – Regional and local economic development in Macedonia (GIZ – RED), as a continuation of the project “Capacity building sequence for the partners on regional and operational level”, from the 12th to the 14th of December, 2011, MBA Todor Milchevski (NBE coordinator) held a training on “Introduction to regional development and management”.

The aim of the training was to identify knowledge gaps and follow – up proposed measures in the field of regional development and regional management. Participants were introduced with the fundamentals of regional development and its relationship with rural development, regional management and networks, economic promotion, regional marketing, activities and stakeholders, programs and funds, and development of project ideas within the EU programs framework and funds available for Macedonia. The attendants were members of the NGO sector in Macedonia and representatives from the Regional Development Centers from the Eastern, Southeastern, Southwestern and the Polog region in Macedonia.
Furthermore, MBA Todor Milchevski took the role as a trainer in another module from the 21st until the 23rd of December 2011, supported by GIZ - Regional and local economic development in Macedonia.


Titled “Strategic planning process”, this training offered to the participants a detailed view of Strategic Planning, preparation of an Action Plan, monitoring, evaluating and implementing of the Action Plan, analysis of problems, objectives and stakeholders, setting priorities and goals related to supporting the business sector, and defining the activities and measures for goal accomplishment. The attendants were from organizations whose role is to provide support to the business sector in Macedonia.

NBE in both training modules, enriched the participants knowledge and developed their practical skills, thus providing a crucial step forward for the completion of the project supported by GIZ.